While all Sotheby’s business cards are created with a similar style and feel, there are differences between the realty cards. For instance, Realty cards tend to be more business-like and include the company’s logo and address. Other cards have more of a casual and playful look about them and may not include the full name of the business. In addition, there are some realty cards that are printed on recycled paper.

What Makes Sotheby Business Cards Popular?

One of the best features of Sotheby’s International Realty cards is that they tend to be very inexpensive when compared with the competition. For instance, compare the prices of a real estate company’s business cards against those of an insurance company. The real estate cards cost more due to their graphic design. Likewise, insurance company business cards can be more expensive due to their sizing and printing requirements. Lastly, real estate cards tend to be considerably more professional looking and may not be as appealing as the pictures on the websites of the companies.

Another great feature of the Sotheby business card is its customization options. Our company has different designs that enable it to be made to represent different aspects of the real estate industry. The business card can be customized by printing either a black and white photo of the property, a photo of a representative, or even a 3D image of the property. These customizable features make the business card worth its value. They allow the customer to personalize their business card immediately.