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Hair Salon Postcards Template: 598775

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Hair salon postcards are one of the most effective advertising tools you can use to advertise your hair salon. It can be as simple as a four or five line advertisement and it will be printed for people to see when they drive by your salon. There are many different ways to design your salon postcard, but here are the most popular templates. Just keep in mind that your postcard design should reflect your salon’s personality.

Single postcard – A single salon postcard is the simplest design you can use for your hair salon postcards. It’s just a standard postcard that has just your salon’s name and phone number on it. This template is best used for new hair salons or smaller businesses. It will cost less and will be much more effective than postcards with multiple pictures and messages.

Mini postcard – The mini postcard is a great idea for salons that cater to a specific area such as a city. You can take a picture of your salon and then put it on a mini postcard. Then, write the name of your salon along with your location. This way, anyone who sees the card will know what it is right off the bat. The only drawback to this design is that you might want to put a little bit more information on the card so that the client knows where to go next.

Round postcard – A round salon postcard is perfect for a hair salon in a town that’s not too large. It will look good in a window and also fit in a lot of windows. You can have more pictures on the postcard like a front and side view or a front and back view.

Curved postcard – A curly-curved postcard is perfect for a salon in a city with a moderate size. It won’t take up as much space but it will still look nice. Have a picture of your business, message and direction at the front and then write some information on the back. You could also add an insert to the front of the postcard such as coupons or a note about your business hours.

Mini postcard – If your salon has a small waiting list and you want to get more customers through your doors, consider printing mini salon postcards. These should be available for sale at a good price and are great for use in a mall or in a college dorm. The postcards don’t have to be the same size as regular postcards but can be any size you want. This is a great idea for salons in college towns where people could be waiting for a haircut. This postcard is very effective in getting potential customers through your door.

Business cards – This is one postcard that many salons use but not to the point where they feel it is necessary. If you are going to make a campaign based on postcards, this is a good idea but probably isn’t necessary. For one thing, you probably won’t be using it to advertise your business all over town. However, if you only do a portion of your business cards, it can still serve its purpose. Consider making a small corner of each postcard different so you can do a direct mail of a smaller group and spread your postcard campaign.