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Manicure Business Cards Credit Card Template: 354597

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Printing Product Pricing

Quantity Price
250 - $115
500 - $131
1,000 - $172
2,000 - $236
5,000 - $452
7,500 - $630
10,000 - $808
15,000 - $1164
20,000 - $1521
Included Options
Printed 1 side (Included)
14 Pt. Cardboard (2.1 x 3.3)
Gloss Lamination 16pt thick
Rounded Corners

Additional Options
Printed 2 sides
High Gloss Uv 1 side (shiny) *Most Popular
High Gloss Uv 2 sides (shiny)
Silk Lamination
Gloss Lamination 22pt thick
More options available

Are you thinking about doing a business called “manicure” and would like to use your very own manicure business cards? This is the type of card that can be created using a software program, allowing you to make the cards quickly and easily, saving you money. However, if you are new to making this type of card then you may want to find a little information on manicure business cards templates before you start your business.

What are manicure business cards? These are simply hand-made cards for personal or business use. Most people who go to salons want to look their best. This includes looking more attractive with their manicure, whether at home or at work.

A manicure is something that many people decide to do at least once or twice a year. You will want your cards to make a good impression with your clients. This is not the time to go cheap, so when you order your materials to make sure you look for the best quality you can afford.

One thing you want to think about when ordering manicure business cards is what you are going to put on them. You should either try to make your own design or get a template. A lot of companies provide templates so this should not be a problem. However, it may take you a bit of time to make your own because you will need a lot of blank space for the text.



Make sure you make each card different so that people will be impressed with the design you have created. There is no point in having a boring card because people will soon get bored with it. Look at pictures of other people’s cards to see what designs they have used to make their own. This will help you decide on a design that will be popular.