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Pool Business Cards Template: 597557

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500 - $57
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5,000 - $254
10,000 - $420
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Printed 2 sides
16 Pt. Cardboard Thick (3.5 x 2)
Matte Varnish (Included)

Additional Options
Printed 1 side (Included)
High Gloss Uv 1 Side (shiny)
High Gloss Uv 2 Sides (shiny)
SPOT Gloss / Watermark
Silhouette Image (a proof will be sent)
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Pool business cards are one of the best promotional items you can use for your pool cleaning business. It is not uncommon to have customers come in and ask if you can help them with something such as pool cleaning. When you give them your card, they will immediately know that you are a pool service company. This will increase your chances of getting new clients and bring in more deposits from new customers.

Your pool business cards should have some key factors in them. One of these is an eye-catching design that makes the recipient curious to look at it. Many people would not want to get their hands on your card when they do not have any reason to. The design of your pool business cards should be attractive enough to catch their attention, but not so good that they will not look at the card again.

There are many pool cards out there to choose from, but your pool business cards should stand out from the rest. You may consider using special hole punching software to punch holes in the card. This will make it more unique and reflective of your business. You can also have a logo put into the card. Just make sure that it is professional looking.

Having a pool business card can help to market your business. You can have it custom printed to your specifications. You can use your imagination when choosing what type of information to put on your card. Add some pool-related activities or events that take place in your community.

You can use pool business cards to promote your pool equipment store. You could give out coupons for customers who bring their own toys or supplies to your pool business. You can have a separate area where people can leave their contact information. You can include your phone number and website. You can even put up a sign in the neighborhood for those who want to get in touch with you.