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Remax Holiday Greeting Cards Portrait Template: 517463

Button to customize design Remax Holiday Greeting Cards Portrait Template: 517463

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25 - $66
50 - $93
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150 - $189
200 - $248
250 - $268
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400 - $384
500 - $498
Included Options
Printed 2 sides
14 Pt. Cardboard (5.5 x 8.5 (closed))
Envelope 6 x 9 White
No Extra Coating (Included)
Score (1 Place)
No Distribution

Additional Options
Printed 1 side (Included)
High Gloss Uv 1 side (shiny) *Most Popular
Insert in envelope / postage included
Silhouette Image (a proof will be sent)
Verify My Designs (Image, dpi, legible text) +$9
More options available

Remax  Christmas cards are the most popular method of sending holiday greetings in North America. There is a multitude of different Christmas greeting card options, but sending a holiday greeting with a card that can be used again is the best way to show friends and family you’re thinking them and that you care about them.

It is a lot less personal than email or postal card. The next time you want to tell a friend or family member you love them, take advantage of using a real Christmas card. These types of cards are very easy to send and are especially handy for corporate clients or business partners that don’t live near you. They are also great for people who are busy and can’t wait to get a reply to their personalized holiday greeting.

Remax cards offer you a variety of options, including the size that is right for you. You can choose the size that works for your intended recipient. If you have to make a special request, you can find the remax cards that will allow you to add your own touches. There are many different colors to choose from so you can customize your greeting accordingly. You can also find greeting cards to personalize that include special quotes and verses.

The beauty of custom greeting cards is the fact that they allow you to personalize them entirely. You can write the exact words or even add a short line of verse. If you are not creative enough to come up with your own greeting, you can always ask for assistance in our contact page from the rear Holiday team.

If you want to send a simple card to say hello to someone or thank them for something, you can choose one of the real Christmas greeting cards. The whole point is to write a card that says “thank you” without overdoing it. The card can simply say, “Good Morning. I hope you feel like greeting the Lord and receiving His blessings. It’s time for you to receive your blessings.”

Some people love the idea of writing the greeting on the back rather than having to write it on the front. It can be a little bit of a challenge sometimes to decide where to place the card and whether or not to include a picture. That’s when you might want to choose a different font for the text and a different color for the background. Some of the real Christmas cards have beautiful illustrations on the front as well as beautiful text.

The main reason that many people are choosing real holiday greetings is because they are so beautiful. These cards are printed on high quality card stock using the most modern printing processes. They are also laminated on top of a high quality vinyl material to provide an elegant finish. Because they are so beautiful, many people prefer to use these instead of traditional greeting cards.