About the printing Terms

Batch production means your work will be printed on a large sheet with lots of
other clients’ work. It means the set-up costs are split between all of the jobs on the sheet,
and is one of the ways that lithographic print has become so cost-effective in the last 10-15
This is the zone extra to leave when a document have to be cut. If, as an example, a final
flyer will be 6” x 4”, it has to be printed at format: 6.127” x 4.127”. Always add the 0.127” all around.
The zone between the final and the 0.127” will be cut out. It actually refers to the ink coverage on
your page. The image to be printed extends beyond the crop marks on the page, simplifying
trimming and allowing the image to run (bleed) right to the edge of the page.

Category of paper commonly used for writing, printing and photocopying.

Abbreviations for coated one side and coated two sides.

It is a paper with a coating of clay and other substances that improves reflectivity
and ink holdout.
RGB: Red Green Blue. It is used for web and screen.
CMYK: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. They are used to print a job. Press create
with those 4 colors, all the colors (also called 4 color process)
Lines near the edges of an image indicating portions to be reproduced. Also called cut
marks and tic marks.

To cut irregular shapes in paper or paperboard using a die.

Mean Dot per Inches. This will refer to the resolution

Edge of a sheet held by grippers on a sheetfed press, thus going first through the
press. Also called feeding edge and leading edge.

The unit of measurement for paper weight (grams per square meter).

Photoshop: Adobe software mainly used for pictures and creation of files with pixels. Used
by everybody in the industry.
Illustrator: Adobe software mainly used to get vector images.
InDesign: Adobe software used for catalogue or variable. Work well with images and vector.
Quark Xpress: Old software for catalogue creation (not very popular anymore)
.Psd (Photoshop extension.. Can have layers)
.Ai (Illustrator extension)
.Pdf (It mean: portable document format. Was created to be used and viewed by all
software. It became universal. Can have layers)
.Jpg (Usually it’s a low resolution file. No layers)
.Tif (Photoshop file. Can have layers)
.Png (Photoshop file. No layers)
.Indd (In Design extension)
.Eps: Encapsulated PostScript file Computer file containing both images and PostScript
commands. Abbreviated EPS file
Printing technique that transfers ink from a plate to a blanket to paper instead of
directly from plate to paper.
72dpi used for screen (also called Low Resolution) and for printing, a minimum of
300 dpi is used (Also called High Resolution) 600 dpi is optimal.

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