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3 pannels envelope key card holder
Key card holders are undoubtedly the best way to keep your key cards protected and organized at all times. This is especially needed when your hotel guests are on their holiday and don’t want to bother arranging and looking after the hotel keys. This instantly elevates your highly convenient threshold and not to mention the branding benefits that key cardholders bring along with them. If you’re thinking of having just that, you’re at the right place. Here’s a 101 guide on how you can create high-quality custom key cardholders without breaking a sweat.

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What is Key Card holder?

Key card holder is normally like a book that opens up to store your cards in one of its pocket. They can easily be stored in one of its small pocket folders and yield exceptional benefits for convenience and giving an overall professional image of your hotel. Another reason why key cardholders are widely being used is marketing. Just like a business card that contains some of the contact information, logo, ads, and services you provide can make these key cardholders one of your branding assets as well.
Key card holder folded with pocket

Key card holder folded with pocket

The key cardholders are relatively easier to maintain and have the capability to store more than one card. The best part is that hotels aren’t the only business taking advantage of these exceptional key cardholders. Many banks use these cardholders to securely allow them to keep ATMs, loyalty, and credit cards in place.

Key Card holder Design Guidelines

Nowadays, key cardholders are more than just a simple piece of material used to store your key cards. The advanced technology and design used to make the cardholders give an extra layer of convenience for hotel guests and hotel publicity.
Key card holder fold no pocket

Key card holder fold no pocket

A creative cardholder design includes a refreshing color and layout that goes well with your business theme. This is one of the best ways to carry out branding. A logo and complete content that keeps the eyeballs stuck to your cardholders. When we talk about “content,” we mean:
Key card holder protective card sleeve

Key card holder protective card sleeve

● Contact information ● Key services that your hotel provides ● A happy note to connect with your guests ● Marketing of promotions or reward programs that your hotel current have ● Wi-Fi password ● Restaurant/bar opening timings ● Upcoming events   Once you’re done writing some of this information down, you can rest assured that your guest won’t have to bother coming to the reception every minute.

How to Make Key Card holder?

Thanks to the numerous templates available, key cardholders are entirely effortless to make. All you have to do is choose a template that best meets your requirements, change the logo, adds your information, and removes or adds anything unique you want to the overall cardholder. Once this initial stage is over, you can choose your requirements for the printing. There are countless printing options you have to give a different character to the cardholder that would resonate with your brand image. The coating includes gloss, stain, UV, matte, or lamination.
Folded with 1 pocket key card holder

Folded with 1 pocket key card holder

However, bear in mind to choose a template and color scheme that is cohesive with all the rest of your designs for the hotel. This instantly gives a professional and collected look to the brand. Here are some of the pros and cons you can avail of if you are willing to design the key cardholders yourself.


● You get to have complete control over your designs. ● The templates are easy to use ● Cheaper than paying freelancers to get it done for you ● Since you’re directly involved in the business, you’re more likely to dictate the information accurately, resulting in powerful branding.


● Lack of knowledge can make the key cardholder look unprofessional and tacky. ● Requires a little effort from your side than ordering a professional to handle it.
Key card holder Folded with 2 pockets

Key card holder Folded with 2 pockets

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes key card holder unique?

Key cardholders are excellent in every way. The holder’s convenient size aids portability as it can simply fit them inside your side or back pocket. Other than that, the marketing factor totally adds a win-win situation for the customers and the hotel owners.
3 pannels envelope key card holder

3 panels envelope key card holder

Key Card Holder or Hotel Key Card Sleeves?

Key cardholders look like a small folder; card sleeves are like a thin sleeve that can add only one key card at a time. Key card holders are an excellent way to convey your marketing information and able guests to insert multiple other cards like credit and debit while they are on the go. Here, hotel key card sleeves have a slightly different approach. Since it’s a thin paper slip, you are limited to writing only a few words per sleeve. Many hotels use this information like tips and tricks about the location, checkout, or opening instructions and a few words that would empathize with the guests. This helps build bounding with the customers and increase loyal customers’ chances since you provide clear information to your guests. However, if you find your key cardholder limiting you to write practical information, you always have the actual key card to write down all the necessary points. Now, coming to the question that was promised in the first place: what is better, key card holders or sleeves? The answer really depends on what you’re targeting. Where keycard holders have robust material with marketing information and can hold several cards at once, card sleeves provide the opposite benefits. It is used for hotels that have already stated their branding on the key cars and only need cardholders to keep the keys safe. As soon as you realize what you want to convey to your guest, please make up your mind about any one of them and take the best bet!

How much should 250 key cardholders cost?

Although the price of a 250 pack key cardholder depends on the company and the template you’re going for, you can expect the price to range from 120 to $180.

What is the minimum order for key cardholders?

The minimum order that you can for key cardholders is 500 pcs. Anything less than that will not be processed. Read also about Spot UV Business Cards: Professional Business Cards

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