How to have a successful business with shaped business cards

shaped business cards Rounded Corner Business Card Design

I know you’re not going to believe this, but we have business cards shaped like houses! Yes, that’s right. Shaped Business Cards is here to provide a solution for those in the real estate industry. We offer customized house-shaped business cards so all your clients will remember when they see it on their desk or refrigerator where you live and work.

Everyone is looking to stand out these days, and it’s no different when you’re a real estate agent. Shaped business cards are very unique – they’ve become the latest trend in marketing not only because of their design but also for what they represent: your ability to build connections with people that lead to future dealings and enhance your status among other compititors.


Rounded corner business card mockup
Rounded corner business card mockup

Now you can shape your business cards to match the contours of your company with just a click. Shaped Business Cards is not only for marketing purposes but it’s also a great promotional tool, so why not make them now? You have a lot of options and are able to create shaped cards in whatever size or form suits you best- all from within our online designer!


shaped business cards Rounded Corner Business Card Design
shaped business cards Rounded Corner Business Card Design

Customized business cards are an absolute necessity for the success of any enterprise, but they can be a little tricky to produce. With so many different shapes and sizes available in addition to all of those other features you might want your card design company to include as well (such as color or pattern), it’s easy enough that not everyone is going to know which one will work best for their own needs! Thankfully there are plenty of companies out there willing and able to help with production on such things–you just need to pick one who suits your requirements!

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How to create a card that will have the perfect touch of creativity?

You should look for a unique and creative idea to design the card so that it creates an impact on the person who receives it. If you don’t know anything about what’s going on, or how they’re feeling then all of your cards will be received with a poor impression; which can lead to negative consequences in future interactions. Some people have used this approach throughout history, but why not take some time now to get something fresh?

1. Create a custom shaped business card design

2. Order your cards from a company that specializes in shaped cards

3. Make sure the back of your card includes all the necessary information, including name, address, phone number, email address, website, and social media links (if applicable)

4. Include an offer on the back of your card to entice potential customers to contact you for more information or make a purchase

Die Cut & Custom Shapes

The new-age of personalization is here. Customize your own business cards with the touch and feel you want them to have, making a statement for yourself as an individual while also highlighting what makes you different from everyone else in this world: that’s why people always say “YOU ARE THE BRAND!”

The triangle-shaped business cards, the most common type, can be made more recognizable by adding one simple line. Place your company name below the first horizontal row and on top of a second short vertical line – this will make it stand out from all other triangles in any stack or pile!


Business Card Template with Triangle Shaped business card
Business Card Template with Triangle Shaped business card

The square shaped business cards are mostly used by big organizations. But small firms can also create their own design with a single colored shape on two lines – which doesn’t need to be just one color either! These cards come in many shapes and colors as well, so you’re sure to find the perfect match for your organization’s identity.


Square Business Cards Stack Mockup
Square Business Cards Stack Mockup

In order to stand out from the crowd, always make your own business cards. You can get inspiration and help online in designing them for free! We offer custom card design as well as shipping – you won’t spend a dime on it.

When it comes to designing your own business card, you’ll have many different options. You can choose between square and round cards that come in a variety of sizes depending on the person’s preference. If you’re making one for yourself, we recommend getting a size that will fit comfortably into your wallet so it won’t get lost or damaged when not in use!

You can make your business cards more interesting with some creative design! Use our graphic designing software to create a card that is as beautiful and professional-looking on the front side, but also functional on the back. With just a few clicks of your mouse you’ll be able to transform an image into anything you’d like it to be–from simple typography designs or colorful abstracts, all while conveying important company information at the same time.

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