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Century 21 business cards

Century 21 business cards were designed with their clientele in mind. That means they’re simple yet functional – the first-class option in business card design. As a result, Century 21 business cards have an extremely clean, refined look about them. With their plain, white background, they perfectly suit any type of business card or envelope, which means you can use them with any type of card or envelope. They work well in any professional environment, too, because they are so easy on the eye. In addition to their timeless elegance, however, they have a whole lot to offer to creative businesspeople.


Century 21 Business Cards Template: 480411
Century 21 Business Cards Template: 480411

The way it used to be, century 21 business cards used to be square and rectangular. However, in the last few years, the company has switched back to the traditional rectangular shape. They’ve also switched to using black letter stock instead of the usual bright colors. Although the classic black and yellow color palette remains largely the same, the design team’s latest upgrade brought a little more sophistication and a more contemporary logo to the mix. It now portrays the century 21 logo in a style that’s a cross between a modern flower and an old printing press.

The new lettering font is also a great upgrade from the traditional Times New Roman and the computer-generated Times Gothic. This font is crisp and bold, giving a modern appeal to century 21 business cards. Unlike computer-generated cards, which are often blocky and boring, real estate business cards can really come into their own when they are created correctly. Here’s a quick rundown of how you can create high-quality real estate cards with century 21 business cards:

  • Know your branding goals and objectives clearly. It’s best to start around these goals before you actually begin the whole process. Take a look at your company’s mission, what you’re trying to accomplish, your core values, your marketing message, your website’s content, and focus on these areas. Doing so will make it easier to determine the kind of font, design, and color scheme that would fit best with your brand.
  • Make sure that you get your brand across effectively. One way of doing this is by creating a strong message that is written on the reverse side of the card. If you’re sending out cards to potential clients, then having a strong, memorable logo design or a tagline that is printed on the reverse side will make your card stand out from the crowd. Having a catchy slogan on the front of the card also makes for a solid card – it acts as a brochure if you will.
  • Use black text on white backgrounds to bring out the professionalism of your company. Avoid using a lot of bright colors or fancy graphics. Your clients expect to find an attractive business card. If you want to create a professional atmosphere for your business card, stick to black text on white backgrounds. It will help give off the aura that you are serious about your company’s offerings and that you are in business to solve the needs of your clients, not just to create sales.

Get your brand across on Century 21 business cards by printing your company logo on each card and using the same color theme for the back of each card. If you use a lighter shade for the company logo, then the color palette you use for the other cards in the set should contrast well. This will also help give off a consistent feel.

New Century 21 Business Card Templates 

Century 21 Business Cards Template 482071
Century 21 Business Cards Template 482071
Century 21 Business Cards Template: 480391
Century 21 Business Cards Template: 480391

Remember that Century 21 business cards aren’t just about selling property. If you want your brand to stick around, use these cards to promote your other products and services as well. Send out copies of these cards to clients, friends, and colleagues with information about special offers, new products, and events you’re offering. They’ll keep these cards and forward them to others with business-related questions.

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