Spot UV Business Cards: Professional Business Cards

Spot UV Business Cards: Professional Business Cards

It is assumed that LinkedIn likes have replaced business cards; no one can beat the sense of professionalism a business card gives to its business. Such cards have the potential to differentiate your brand from the rest and create opportunities for brand awareness.

When it comes to spotting UV business cards, there’s something unique and elegant in its glossy and matte printing style that gives a high-end feel to any business. If you’re thinking of revamping your business with the highest-quality business cards by a professional or yourself, this post is all you need.

The extra punch can go a long way in making your business cards stand out from your competitors. You might have some important elements on your card that you would like to highlight. Spot UV coating is the best way to achieve this.

Here’s a complete guide to help you create professional spot UV business cards that are second to none!

Let’s get started.

What Are Spot UV Business Cards?

Nice Spot UV Business Cards example
Nice Spot UV Business Cards example

Spot UV business cards are also known as spot gloss business cards, raised spot UV business cards or Spot Varnish business cards一and all of them refer to the same definition. Instead of covering the entire business cover with glossiness, Spot UV uses a glossy coating applied only on your card’s selected areas.

This design technique is a creative way to add emphasis and depth to your business card’s important elements. Most businesses prefer this way of cards since it never fails to give a luxury look to any business. Spot UV can be applied either over ink images or directly to the paper substrate that allows it to create the design itself. If you are willing to go for the direction paper method, it’s always best to opt for darker substrates with a matte finish.

If you choose Spot UV business cards over the standard ones, here are some of the benefits you can expect from the printing:

● The high clarity of texts and images

● Luxury gloss

● Environmentally Friendly

● Resist Smudging

Spot Gloss Business Card Design Guidelines

Spot gloss business cards have slightly different features than the ordinary cards that many businesses design. If you don’t know how that works, here’s are some of the guidelines of what a spot gloss design should look like.

Light on Spot Gloss Business Card
Light on Spot Gloss Business Card

High Definition Printing

All of the images, background, and texts must be printed in high-definition printing. Unlike standard printing that blends in with the rest of the blurry card, each mistake can get more obvious from the other for spot gloss. High-resolution images are almost lifelike, with the level of clarity not possible with traditional printing.

Here, at Wow Impression, we excel at giving top-quality printing to our customers to create a high-end image for their brand.


Laminating is a great way to give your card a final look that it needs. Be it a silky smooth, glossy texture to your overall card or a sophisticated matte finish; lamination has got it all!

Other than that, a coat of lamination also adds an extra layer of durability and water-resistance to your card. This is especially useful when you are handing out your business card to different types of people every day. Two techniques are normally used for the lamination of business cards. It can be achieved either by using a small pouch laminator or self-sealing pouches.

You can either go for smooth matte laminate or semi-gloss laminate in addition to spot UV to bring out the best in your business cards.

Spot UV

Wow, Impression has prevailed its name to create outstanding business cards with spot UV gloss embellishments to exactly meet your needs. This allows our cards to have slightly raised polymer highlights and add a super glossy touch to some of the card’s select parts.

Usually, it is preferred to have glossiness over pictures and logos, brand names, and other pictures to accentuate important cards and aid visibility features. The designs look very eye-catching when some of the areas appear to be glossy. You can choose to spot UV on both the front and back of your business cards.

Precision Finishing

Finishing has the ability to make or break the look of any business card. Regardless of how sophisticated your card design may be, poor finishing can give it cheap and worse than standard cards. Therefore, an automated cutting machine can accurately cut the card according to your desired length and customize its edges straight or round to go with the look.

Usually, people prefer a matte finish for their cards because it looks very professional and neat. However, there are many other finishes and coatings available to try out. Depending on the nature of your business, you can choose varnish, embossed or debossed, and foil stamped coating. Some people also go for die-cutting to give a unique shape to their cards. Similarly, edge coloring is a technique that can be used when your brand or logo has multiple colors in it.

Size and Layout

While deciding the size of the card, you must consider factors like:

● would this fit in an average pocket?

● Would this fit in business card holders/wallets?

● Is it big enough to stuff the appropriate information without compromising the spacious design?

Although business cards slightly vary in size and layout, most of them are normally 85mm x 55 mm. You can always change up the sizes to suit your preference to add a competitive edge. But when it specifically comes to business size, sticking to the standard is the safest option.

Some people these days prefer folded business cards because they look unique and attractive. Spot UV coating can be applied to any card you choose for your business. You now have the choice of creating your own business cards online by selecting various options and then leaving the job of printing and spotting to the professionals.

How to Make Spot UV Business Cards?

Before you design your own Spot UV business cards, you must know that designing and adding gloss in the printing process is different. You can design your card from our easy-to-customize templates that offer a wide library of designs, colors, and themes to meet your needs.

We have also categorized our templates based on your industry, for example, real estate, to make sure you’re only putting in minimal effort. Once you’re done selecting the template, follow these simple steps to create a full-fledged professional for yourself within a few minutes.

  1. Among the hundreds of templates, choose the one that best resonates with your brand.
  2. Later, add your logo, name, and other details you would like to have on your card. Here, you can also get rid of the unnecessary elements present in the template.
  3. Once you’re happy with the design, save the document as a PDF and remove any elements you don’t want the gloss to be.
  4. Save this file as _SpotUV.
  5. After that, change the entire business card into the same color and export this a _SpotUV.
  6. No, this file only consists of the texts and images you want the Spot UV effect on.

Pro tip: Make sure you stick to your brand color themes to give a sense of character to your brand. If you find it enables you to select a theme, we would suggest hopping onto Google and pick your devised times. Later, use the color picker plug-in to fetch the hex code of the color.

Person holding black and white card
Person holding a black and white card

You can also create a business page with a blank canvas if you have more unique ideas to offer. However, it’s not easy to start from scratch, especially if you are doing it for the first time. It is recommended to choose a template because hundreds are available, and professional designers have designed it all. They also give recommendations for color combinations and background options.

Let’s now look at some of the pros and cons of making a spot UV layer yourself.


● By making a Spot UV layer, you get to have a Spot UV layer made yourself. You will not only be able to get full control of the customization of your business cards.

● It is possible to create a hidden logo, messages, and contrasting pattern that would only be visible when exposed to a certain amount of light.


● While doing it yourself comes with a wide array of perks, it doesn’t give your business a professional feel. This is especially true if you’ve no experience in graphic designing whatsoever.

● You can write and add anything you want, but there will be hidden charges you are unaware of at the beginning of the project. On the other hand, a professional will let you know everything beforehand, including the costs and expectations.

● Not everything can be written on a spot UV business card since these types of cards are best suited with minimal information.


If you’re interested in kick-starting your designing game, hop on our official website to get ready-made templates for you to fill up and get free delivery without any hustle whatsoever.

How Do You Make a Spot UV File?

A person holding empty white business card
A person holding an empty white business card

As mentioned earlier, you have to fill the card with the same color to let the printer know which areas you want the Spot UV. Now, this process is called masking.

Mask files are black and white artwork files that are separate from the original colored ones. These two are then needed to create a finished product. There are two ways you can indicate the areas you want to be coated. a) Duplicate your artwork file and remove all the elements from that mask file that you don’t want to be masked. This could be the background or some of the contact information at the back.

Next, change all the colors of the card to black. There must be no other color here except black. B) only copy-paste the areas you want to be coated on a separate file. Here, too, you have another option which is to create a new file the same size as your artwork.

Now that you’re sorted with the file situation, there’s another thing you need to keep in mind to make sure you get your desired results. When creating masks, alignment is the key to getting the right Spot UV in the card.

Therefore, make sure all of your art file and mask files carry the same page sizes and shared elements in the same positions. This is because the coating has a slightly different process than regular printing from the printer. The coated areas shouldn’t be tiny and thin. So avoid using tiny fonts and wrong on the edges of the card.

Considering this, we would suggest you go for the first option since it allows you to have exact elements, hence, aiding alignment.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Spot UV Coating on Business Cards?

Spot UV is a minimalist and creative way to bring out the text’s important information and logo from your business card. Since it is not surprising for your standard business card to get lost in the sea of other cards with your client, Spot UV gives it a competitive edge and durability.

However, when it comes to business cards, make sure you don’t go overboard with Spot UV’s aesthetic factor and coat the entire card. Here, less is more to enhance the overlay effect of the card.

How much should 250 business cards cost?

The cost usually varies from different companies. However, you can expect the price range to be between $ 14 to $40.

What designs look best with Spot UV?

Understandably, it can be daunting to find the best design for our card. Therefore, check out our professional Real Estate business card templates to get you an idea of some of the best ways to design your business car.

However, if you would like to do it all yourself, here are some tips you can follow.

● Spot UV complex patterns, logos, and striking texture of the card that would accentuate anything that is written on it

● Blind Spot is a great choice over a matte black background.

● Instead of highlight one whole image in the card, highlight a few elements to make it look professional.

● You can experiment with different and unique properties to coat instead of striking with the standard logo and text.

What is the minimum order for a spot UV business card?

500 pieces of minimum order are available for one Spot UV business card.


What are spot gloss business cards?

A spot gloss is a shiny, subtle, smooth surface added to a business card to enhance some of its important elements.

How to make spot UV business cards

The process of making business cards follows the same procedure. However, a few tweaks like highlighting business features, logo, and color themes differentiate an ordinary Spot UV business card from the rest.


What is spot UV finish on business cards?

Business cards provide an excellent opportunity to create outstanding first impressions of the brand and its products/services. Therefore, Spot UV finish is highly in demand in the business industry that would help them to elevate the appearance of the company’s logo, social media icons, call to action, and order design elements.

A minimal glossary coat can give an overall luxury and professional appearance to even small, start-up companies.

What is spot UV high gloss on business cards?

A Spot UV high gloss refers to the business cards that measure up to 104GU (Gloss Units) for business cards. Since selected areas of gloss are more likely to be impactful, it’s always a good idea to go for a high gloss that can do its job properly.

How to check Spot UV Business Cards issues?

A subtle touch of Spot UV can instantly enhance the card’s overall look; a few minor mistakes can worsen the situation. Therefore, you must make sure you have the correct amount of coat for the overall card design. For instance, if you’re planning on coating small texts that contain lowercase “e” or “o,” you run the risk of missing or adding a few extra lines in the inner part of the alphabet.

Thus, it’s not always beneficial to use the tiniest layer of coat. You can go for areas that have a larger surface area than the rest. On the other hand, highlighting the entire card would take away Spot UV’s effect on your brand image.


Traditional business cards can deteriorate over time because they are made of paper. Spot UV cards are the new “in” thing in the world of business. These are laminated and printed in high resolution to bring out your design’s best elements uniquely and attractively.

Although the technique helps bring out the best in business cards, sometimes things can go wrong and make the design look worse. To avoid such a situation, it is recommended to hire a professional to handle the job for you. These experts will also let you know if you need to change some design elements to make UV spots stand out.

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Spot UV Business Cards: Professional Business Cards - Wow Impression
TSC Spot UV Business Cards: Professional Business Cards

When it comes to spot uv business cards, there’s something unique and elegant in its glossy and matte printing style that gives a high-end feel to any business.

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