The Secret Guide To Just Listed Postcards

The Secret Guide To Just Listed Postcards

Whether it is good word of mouth or emails, nothing can beat the overflowing leads you get with Just Listed Postcards. It highlights your listed property’s main aspects and gives a sense of professionalism to the overall process.

Do Just Listed Postcards Work?

Just Listed postcards can gain more visibility for your property and create brand awareness among people looking for new properties to buy. One of the greatest things that ensure to make each penny you have invested in the postcards card count is its clear call to action feature that makes it effortless for anyone to reach out to you.

Just Sold Postcard Design Guidelines

Postcard General 8.5 X 5.5 TMP 904
Postcard General 8.5 X 5.5 TMP 904

Few things set a postcard made by amateurs to a postcard by pros. To instantly level up the design of your postcards, make sure to include:


● Catchy headline: Go for a headline that uses powerful, persuasive words that makes it harder to ignore your postcards

● Colors: Branding is crucial when it comes to showcasing professionalism with the brand. Therefore, pick a few colors that your brand stands for and use them throughout your postcard application.

● Graphics: Use pictures of the properties you have sold and the listed property to grab the attention of prospects immediately.

● Call to Action (CTA): a clear CTA helps your potential clients understand what they need to do to approach you, which as a result, can sell your house faster.

How Do I Create a Postcard for My Business?

One of the easiest ways to design a highly professional postcard for your business is to opt for templates like the ones we have at Wow Impression. You get to have a large selection of layouts and modern templates, which only requires you to add your text and images of your property to get started.

Postcard Keller 8.5 X 5.5 TMP 203
Postcard Keller 8.5 X 5.5 TMP 203

We offer high-resolution printing in glossy, UV spot gloss, and matte finishing to meet your business’s needs.

What Do You Say on a Just Sold postcard?

In the Just Sold postcard, make sure you have a photo of the broker, the price of the properties that have been sold and are currently listed, along with contact information at the back of the card. Here, the contact information would be accompanied by a slogan and a clear call to action to make sure people don’t consider this as “junk mail.”



By putting a massive image of your property along with a photo of the broker, you give a sense of originality and trust that your prospects can reach out without worrying about being scammed.



To make an effective postcard, you need to be highly knowledgeable about the design and make a compelling just listed postcard. If you happen to create the entire postcard without this knowledge, this investment may do more harm than good.

Postcard Remax 6 X 4 TMP 103
Postcard Remax 6 X 4 TMP 103

Frequently Asked Questions

How effective are just listed postcards?

The customer reviews written on listed postcards spread word of mouth and create brand awareness immediately among your customer. Besides that, if you send these postcards to other agents, you also increase your chances of gaining exposure from their clients.

As if that wasn’t already enough, seeing your professional advertising endeavors, many other sellers may as well be encouraged to promote your property for that ever-needed win-win deal.

How do just listed postcards work?

In the just listed postcards, you can either go for the property you have listed or include a sold property along with the listed property to improve your credibility. You can also get leads from the surrounding neighborhood and gain more awareness of every new just listed postcard you send.

How many just listed postcards to send?

In a nutshell, the more, the better. Go for around 5,000 postcards for every listed property to get maximum exposure and leads. You can decide the count depending on your budget and requirements.

Why send just listed postcards?

Such postcards contain the necessary information that every prospective buyer would want before opting for a property. Even if your receipts aren’t actively looking for properties, they can always have your company’s name at the top of their minds every time anyone mentions purchasing a property. This will, in turn, increase word-of-mouth and help you create more long-term loyal buyers and agents.

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