The Best 10 Brilliant Real Estate Business Cards

Real Estate Business Cards

Wow Impression has the business cards and branding materials that Real Estate Agents and brokers need to make a lasting, personal connection with home buyers and sellers. Check out this article to learn more about real estate business cards and how they can help you conquer the real estate market in your city!

The Importance of Real Estate Business Cards

Business cards are an afterthought for some people, but successful real estate agents know their power. A good realtor business card helps you establish a personal connection with your potential clients, one that they can hold in their hands. Social Media and internet marketing are important, too, but they are best used in a complementary relationship with physical materials like a real estate business card.

General Business Card TMP 932
General Business Card TMP 932

Characteristics of a Real Estate Agent’s Business Card

Here are a few of the things that make up a great real estate business cards:

Clean Business Card Design

The most effective business card design is one that is clean and professional. You want it to appear the same way the homes you show do: spotless, presentable, and appealing. Look for real estate business card templates that reflect the way you do business with home buyers!

Short, Friendly Message

You are in the people business, so your business card design should communicate how fun and easy it will be for people to purchase a home from you! So many agents try to show how great of a deal they can secure or how much experience they have. The truth is, people usually want to work with someone they trust and like! So, put that on your business card!

Use Both Sides

This is a classic mistake: forgetting to use both sides of the business card! Usually, the front side is for things like pictures, slogans, and phone numbers. The backside of the realtor business card is a great place to put more contact info, longer messages, and helpful facts/suggestions for potential clients!

What to Put on a Real Estate Business Cards

These are the things you must include in your business card design to help it be as effective as possible:

Business Info

Include your phone number, email address, and website information in a clear, easy-to-see location either on the front or back of the business card. Ideally, you want to include as much contact info as you can so that clients will have plenty of ways to reach out to you.


Pictures are a great way to make your real estate business stand out. You should try to include a picture of your face- after all, your business is about you! This will help you establish a personal connection. Buyers and sellers likely have multiple agents vying for their attention- your smiling face will help you seem memorable!

How to Make Real Estate Business Cards

Wow Impression has a large selection of customizable real estate business card templates that you can use to make something you’ll love! Here is how it’s done:

Choose Your Template

Make a selection of a template that seems close to your unique branding. It doesn’t have to be immediately perfect, because you’ll be able to customize it to your liking! Try to find business card designs that fit your aesthetic!

Add Your Logo and Information

Before you dig into the pictures, slogans, and other information you may want to include in your business card design, you need the bare essentials: business logo and business information

Customize the Design

Now, it’s time to add pictures, slogans, and more to completely customize your design!

Order and Wait

Your business card designs are ready, simply order them and wait! Wow Impression offers quick delivery across the United States, so you won’t have to wait too long to put your professional business cards to use!

How do You Make a Catchy Business Card?

Making a catchy realtor business card is relatively simple, especially with templates from Wow Impression. The best way to make your business card catchy, memorable, and relevant is to use a good slogan. It could be a pun or a rhyme, or it could just be three or four words that resonate with people. But, a great slogan combined with a nice business card is a highly effective combination for a realtor!

Are Business Cards Still Relevant 2021?

In an increasingly remote and distanced society, business cards might not seem like a very effective marketing and lead generation tool. The reality, however, is that many people are itching for personal and physical connections rather than digital. A nice, professional business card will help you make that connection with clients! On top of that, there are still many people who prefer doing business offline, and you don’t want to ignore them.

Top Quality Realty Business Card Printing for all Real Estate Professionals

Wow Impression has many different real estate business card designs for you to choose from. Here is a nice selection of them:

Keller Williams Business Cards

For Keller Williams agents, Wow Impression has specially designed these business card templates:


Re/Max Agent Card Templates

If you’re working with Re/Max, these business card templates are yours to browse and customize to your liking!



Frequently Asked Questions

beautiful house with nice garden
Beautiful house with nice garden

What is the Importance of Real Estate Business Cards?

Real estate business cards are one of the most important- and expected- ways that realtors connect with clients. It’s not likely that a client will save your contact info to their phone instantle- it’s much easier for them to take a business card. They are also easy to leave at homes you learn are going on the market!

Can I Order Custom Real Estate Agent Business Cards?

Finding the perfect business card isn’t always easy, so it can really help to find a printing service that lets you order custom cards! With Wow Impression, you can use any template and completely customize every aspect from pictures to typography! You’ll never have to settle for a business card that doesn’t truly work for you.

Why do Realtors have Pictures on Business Cards?

Realty is a very personal business: you are helping people find a home where they will enjoy many precious moments. That means you need to make an intimate and personal connection with your clients. Having your picture on the business card lets you form that impression, even when you aren’t face to face anymore!

Do You Offer Unique Real Estate Agent Branding Materials?

Yes! Wow Impression has uniquely branded materials for agents who work with Century21, Re/Max, and many more agencies! If you’re looking for real estate business cards that have the logos and design styles you need, we are here for you!

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Wow Impression has the Real Estate Business Cards and branding materials that Real Estate Agents and brokers need to make a lasting, personal connection

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