We all get business cards from anywhere we go. But how many of them do you actually end up using? If you’re like most people, chances are, you will find these business cards tossed in some trash. And why wouldn’t they be? The cards only clutter your desk space, wallet and truth be told: you can get all of that information from their official website as well.

However, little do you know that the point of business cards isn’t just a written form of all the contact details and the services they offer; it’s actually used to portray the brand’s worth and its cause awareness. If you find yourself tossing the card in the bin, that surely has to do with poor card quality and image that gave a wrong impression for that particular business.

Luxury Business Cards
Remax black and white business card


Here’s everything you need to know about printing luxury business cards that would make sure your company stands out from the rest.

What Are Luxury Business Cards?

In general, business cards are a branding material that contains company contact information, services/products they offer, and a few images or sentences that precisely conveys what the brand is all about. What’s more important is its appearance that entices potential customers to read more about them.

This gives your card an upper hand over the others.

However, when we say luxury business cards, we mean high-quality cards and have a grandeur that shows how professional and reputable your business is. It can also help your business get a competitive edge and make people want to visit your company personally.

Therefore, everything boils down to how much effort you are willing to put in to make your cards stand out when it comes to business cards. Where an ordinary card is not difficult to ignore, a high-end card can quickly turn your leads into overflowing sales.

Luxury Business Cards Design Guidelines

Not all business cards have a luxury flair; some businesses prefer to have a basic and professional look that portrays their work. When designing your luxury business cards, you must carefully consider what your brand has to offer and what you are willing to convey to your audience.



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KELLER wiliams TEMPLATE 201 Luxury Business Cards
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By keeping this in mind, you need to decide further whether you need a luxury business card. Here are only 2 things that you need to consider before opting for a luxury business card:


The shape of a card can be a great way to determine the type of business you have. An ordinary card is generally rectangle-shaped, glossy, or eggshell style. By switching up the norm, you can spice things and give your overall card a unique appearance. This could mean using unique colors, fonts, and shapes that would resonate with your brand.

You can either go with:

Rectangle: this classic style is perfect for giving a professional look for insurance or accounting companies. Some confuse this by being boring; they actually have a character of their own that adds a layer of sophistication to your brand. They also come in rounded and square edges that help you customize the impression of the card.

Miniature: this keeps things minimal with its classic style. However, unlike rectangle ones, miniatures look more creative than best suit brands that involve fashion and arts.

Square: this is where most creative graphic designers put their creative edge to every corner of the business card. The front of the card usually consists of the aesthetics like the logo, coatings, and images, where the back is filled with practical contact information.


To specifically design luxury business cards, you have the option to either make it Spot UV that makes a few elements stand out from the rest or keep it simple for a minimalist look. Matte and velvet are more likely to give an unmatched sense of luxury to the brand. Besides that, while choosing the paper for the card, make sure to always go from premium papers since this is where your journey to a luxurious business card starts.

Therefore, before you begin designing the card, keep a close eye on the features you need to make prominent and the vibes you want to give to your customer. All in all, take an ideal customer in mind and design your luxury card accordingly.

What Makes Luxury Business Cards so Unique?

As we all know by the word “luxury,” these cards are comparatively better than the standard ones. This is because:

● Luxury business cards give a sense of professionalism which can add reliability for your customers

● It makes your brand stand out in the competitive industry

● Ideal to target high-end demographic

● Some features used by luxury cards like Spot UV allow you to emphasize certain elements of your cards.

● Adds a character to the brand

However, when you carry out the luxury designs, make sure you’re knowledgeable enough to differentiate what truly makes a good business card. Oftentimes, people confuse glossy cards as being high-end. This will give a tacky feel to the card and make it harder to read the text.

Realtor black and brown Luxury Business Cards
Realtor black and brown Luxury Business Cards
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How Can I Make My luxury Business Cards Extra Special?

That said, one of the most common challenges of making a luxury business card is to make it look high-end, creative without making it look too kitsch at the same time. Here are a few valuable tips that you can try to make your card look extra special.

Make Use of the Templates Available

The most important element in any luxury brand is its uniformed theme. All of your typography, colors, and logo must be the same throughout your business operations. A great example of this would be the luxury business templates by Wow Impression that comes in a wide array of template designs specially made to suit your business. Instead of staying inconsistent with your designs and starting from scratch, make sure you save your time and use a custom-made template where you only have to add your logo and appropriate text that would go well with your company.

Keep Everything As Clean as Possible

This factor is probably the most important thing to bear. Adding too many colors, images, and necessary text that doesn’t add value to your brand can only distract your customers and make chaos.

For a luxury look, less is always more. Go for high-quality minimalist items and cards that would increase the value of each element used. Try too many bold colors at once, which can make your brand come off too strong at first. Give a subtle mixture of nudes, golds, blacks, and other shades of the same or contrasting colors to make everything look rather balanced.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best quality business card paper?

The best quality business card refers to the finest paper stock that has slightly thicker than the rest. This would not only give an impression of high quality but can yield practical benefits like durability too.

Should business cards be glossy or matte?

A matte finish card with a sleek look is likely to have a stronger influence than glossier ones. This eliminates any glare that can make it harder to read the words written on the card. However, bear in mind, matte cards are more costly than others. They are also more prone to smudging in the wallet or pockets.

Therefore, you better weigh all the pros and cons before concluding.

Do you have any templates available for luxury Business Cards?

Yes, of course, we do! From health care to education, graphic designs to anything you put your finger on, Wow Impression is armed with easy-to-customize templates for your specific niche to help you effortlessly design your cards without breaking your bank whatsoever.

What’s the difference between embossed & luxury business cards?

Embossing refers to creating cards that involve using raised patterns or letters in the letter. You can create this look by tightly pressing together two sheets of patterned paper with each other, which, in turn, will mold certain parts of the surface.

This raised area provides emphasis on some of the important elements of your business card. This could be the logo, text, or perhaps a few design features to focus on the features that aren’t raised.

Whereas a luxury business card revolves around using materials like triplex, wood, metal, cotton, and suede to create a state-of-art look to your card. You can go completely creative and add your personal flair to the thick and premium card stocks since uniqueness is always appreciated in the high-end world.

What do luxury heavyweight business cards look like?

The ultra-thick card stock is about 32pt, which is as thick as an average credit card. This gives your card the ever-needed sturdiness, strength, and stability you need to keep your cards bold and durable.

However, this can be a problem when it comes to stuffing cards in cardholders.

How thick should luxury business cards be?

A standard business card is around 300gsm thick, where the luxury card is 1190gsm. That makes it a whopping 4 times thicker than the standard card.

What do luxury heavyweight business cards eggshell look like?

The luxury heavyweight business cards eggshell is extra thick and usually has 55 x 85 mm, and can either be coated or uncoated. Some of them also add a soft-touch of lamination for an extra layer of luxe.

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